Kelly+Partners Corporate Advisory uses a proven system and process which was developed internally for our own business and our clients.

Our process includes:

  1. Strategic review in order to set a clear mission, vision, and growth strategy for your company.  
  2. In-depth assessment of the structure of your company.
  3. Determine the optimal pathway to achieve strategic goals for the company and its shareholders.
  4. Ongoing advice to businesses and their owners.

What problem does it solve?

What does it achieve? 

Having an effective corporate strategy is a critical element for growing your business. This process will then drive the optimal capital structure to achieve your corporate goals.

In Depth Assessment

Kelly+Partners Corporate Advisory will undertake a detailed assessment of the structure of your company including: 

+ Ownership Structure 
+ Management and People Structure 
+ Operational Structure 
+ Financial Structure 
+ Tax Structure 
+ Legal Structure 
+ Capital Structure.